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Optimization means how well you efficiently use resources but when we talk about in sense of SEO, it classifies in to two broad categories i.e. On page optimization and off page optimization. ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION: If you want to achieve a good position in a search engine then it is not to cut the piece [...]

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Google Gains 1% of Search Market Share in May

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According to the report, Google has achieved an increment in their search market share which is 1% as compared to the last month. Yahoo and Bing on the other hand achieved simultaneously -3% and -2% respectively. Also Google is enjoying the most visits to the various search categories which is also the good news for [...]

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Double Your Traffic Using Optimal Category Names

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It is very dangerous but still fact that many business owners don’t give the importance to category that their particular business falls on which area. Categories are there to give the classification. When consumers are unable to find their destination they first search businesses by type. If your company isn’t in the category then the [...]

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