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Optimization means how well you efficiently use resources but when we talk about in sense of SEO, it classifies in to two broad categories i.e. On page optimization and off page optimization.


If you want to achieve a good position in a search engine then it is not to cut the piece of cake which you will do it easily. You have to do many things to get your required result as search engines are becoming efficient day by day.

1. Label Optimization

Labeling is very important as it gives the idea to the visitors what is the respective site all about and whether it is effective enough to attract the audience or not. The things which you cannot neglect while labeling is to include your site name as it gives a sense to the consumers about your business then the words which are relevant with your business should be used i.e. keywords. So, keywords should be there in labeling and last but not the least if you have and toll free number then you must include it in a tag as it will increase the feeling among consumers that to perform some action which is related with your busines

2. Meta Tags Optimization

This step will lead you toward top but if you make an appropriate meta tags then the result would come in your favor. In Meta tags you should give the explanation of your website in which you are specialized. The things which come in Meta tags are as same as above like keywords and toll free number but  if you have not put the toll free number in first step then you can include the number in this step.

3. Link Optimization

When we talk about inbound and outbound links then the first thing which come in our mind is  a good optimization of these two links and for optimization 2 things are very important.

First, see the structure of internal linking whether it is appropriate or not and Second step is to include relevant key words which can give  audience a better steering.


When we talk about another category of optimization i.e. off page optimization then the important thing which relates to the off page optimization is that this method is performed externally from the website. The purpose of this optimization method is to gain attention of the visitors. It includes many things like blog posting, forum posting, link posting, public relations and many more. Strategy building is very important when we discuss off page optimization as it directly links with it.

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